Become a Hot Spring(Onsen) Master

Hi, I’m Yukimachi.
I live near Oita, known as the hot spring(Onsen) prefecture. Taking advantage of this blessed environment, I aim to become a Onsen master.
I’m visiting various hot springs every week.

What a Onsen master?

In Kyushu, there are two hot spring routes (Stamp Rally).
The “Kyushu Onsen Path” and the “Beppu Hatto Onsen Path.”

The Kyushu Onsen Path allows you to visit 88 hot springs scattered throughout Kyushu and receive certification as a hot spring master. Along the way, you can obtain special items at the beginner and intermediate levels.
And, upon becoming a master, in honor of this achievement, your name will be displayed at the Hall of Fame hot spring, “Takegawara Onsen”!

Takegawara Onsen (Beppu city)

On the other hand, the Beppu Hatto Onsen Path is limited to hot springs in Beppu City.

You collect stamps with each bath you take. Once you’ve gathered eight, you’re certified as first dan (degree). After that, your rank increases with every eight baths, and when you apply for rank certification, you receive a certified towel and a certificate.

Impressively, those who visit all 88 locations will be permanently displayed in the “Hot Spring Hall of Fame” at the rest area of Hyotan Hot Springs, as masters of the hot spring path, along with their portrait photos!

In conclusion

Kyushu is truly a treasure trove of hot springs. Oita Prefecture, in particular, is so renowned for its hot springs that it’s known as the “Hot Spring Prefecture.”

Starting my journey on the Kyushu Onsen Path, what surprised me the most was the richness of the types of springs available: saline, alum, bluish-white, sulfur springs, and more.

The diversity truly amazed me. I hope to share this wonderful hot spring journey with all of you. Therefore, I want to continue posting articles about hot springs every week.

I aim to deliver comprehensive information on the types of springs, the charm of each hot spring, and fun facts about hot spring hopping without leaving anything out.

See you, Onsen masters!